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      • Review: X-Men: The Last Stand
        They say the third time is the charm ... Boy, were they ever wrong, based on the third X-Men movie, X-Men: The Last Stand.

        Pretty good action sequences (other than jerky jumping and flying stunts), special effects that mesh perfectly with the live props, and a decent storyline, unfortun

      • Brangelina's Alien Baby!
      • I'm a Canadian and I'm OK ...
      • Should I listen, or should I read ...
      • Movie Review: Poseidon
        Oh the humanity! (ok, it's an old cliche :)

        No, I'm not talking about the story - I'm talking about the Poseidon movie itself!

        Like the other blockbuster movies this year so far, the action sequences and special effects are amazing (especially the opening tit

      • 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Let's dance ...
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      • Movie review: Mission: Impossible 3
        Yet another Tom Cruise movie. Mission: Impossible 3 has lots of action and special effects and Cruise. It also has lots of lame acting and silly dialogue. And definately no plot.

        And Katie Holmes, though she's not listed in the credits. What? That's not Katie Holmes? Sure loo

      • Art imitating life ...
        So I was watching this show about California's Pacific Coast Highway and I was thinking that a lot of those scenes looked very familiar, considering that I have never been to California.

        Then it hit me: Most of those scenes look a lot like scenes from Grand Thef Auto: San Andreas!

      • It's the end of the media as we know it ...
      • Show Review: The Lord of the Rings

        A spectacle it is, indeed.

        The Lord of the Rings "musical" puts the 3 movies on stage with music and dance. Think of it as the real-life Cliffs Notes version of The Lord of the Rings.

        The moving stage (I can see a lot of theatres using similar stages in th

      • The future of entertainment
        Hollywood, move over ... YouTube is here!

        Imagine you - yes YOU - as a superstar! All you need is a web cam, video recording software and a fast internet connection.

        ... and the uncanny ability to embarrass yourself in front of tens of people.

        Reference: Slate

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